In Development

Grand Independent is currently developing the following slate of feature films;


The Last Train to Budapest

The incredible true story of how a group of college students, led by 18 year old Nandi Pekar, battle against the Russian tanks during the 1956 Hungarian revolution. But it is an adversary from his childhood that Nandi must face in order to save his family and gain his freedom.

Based on the book of the same name by Richard Pekar.


The Long March

June 1943. William Catchpole signed up to the RAF looking for adventure and action. Now, in January 1945 along with thousands of allied POW’s, he’s about to be force-marched across Eastern Europe’s deadly cold landscape. To survive Lt. Catchpole must battle the enemy, starvation and his own conscience. An inspirational story based on the true accounts of those men who survived The Long March. 


Unforgiving Peace

The aftermath of WWII and the building of a modern Europe. A German nation reduced to a wasteland of starvation and disease, torn apart by the breakdown of law and order, by unrestrained reprisal and revenge. A young US Army officer becomes torn between his duty and his conscience as he hunts an old enemy.

Based on a true story.