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The 72 Project

The 72 Project involved a team of filmmakers shooting and editing a feature-length film in seventy-two consecutive hours and then screening it at the end to a festival audience. What many people call the ‘pre-production’ was done beforehand, but the ‘production’ and the ‘post-production’ were squeezed into those three days.

The first film, ‘Watching & Waiting’, was shot in Galway, Ireland, as part of the 20th Film Fleadh in July 2008. The second film, ‘The Ballad of Des & Mo’, was shot in Melbourne, Australia, as part of the 59th International Film Festival in 2010.

The project featured in a documentary called ‘I’ve Got This Idea For A Film’ which premiered at the 19th Raindance Independent Film Festival in London, 2011.

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